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Massage Therapy and COVID-19

What you need to know


  • You must cancel your appointment if you start to exhibit symptoms of COVID-19, cold or flu prior to your treatment. Call if you are unsure.


  • Are fully vaccinated.
  • If requested, will wear a surgical masks.
  • Will wash hands and use hand sanitizers, in accordance with Ministry of Health guidelines.
  • All eye protection equipment will be sanitized between appointments, and masks are changed when appropriate or when necessary as recommended by CMTO and Health Canada.

Davenport RMT Clinic:

  • Hand sanitizer will be available at the entrance of the clinic and at various designated locations throughout the clinic. All hand sanitizers contain 65% – 75% alcohol
  • High touch surfaces chairs, washrooms, doorknobs, handles, railings, light switches, etc., will be cleaned and disinfected throughout the day.
  • Cleaners and sanitizers used are endorsed by Health Canada as effective disinfectants and sanitizers against COVID-19.
  • For sanitizing purposes, there will be vinyl covers on treatment tables and pillowcases and these will be disinfected after each client.
  • All sheets, pillowcases, and towels and blankets will be washed in the highest temperature possible after each use.
  • Gloves may be worn by therapists based on treatment needs; they will be disposed after each treatment.
  • Treatment rooms will be sanitized and disinfected after each client.